Some enzymes have bluer blood than others and this antioxidant is more electric than most.

LATERAL THOUGHTS IN SEARCH OF EVER MORE INTERESTING STORIES FROM BIOLOGY. Robin and the Honey Badger’s mission is to recharge biology with originality for you, the non-specialist reader. In this e-essay: some enzymes have bluer blood than others, and one antioxidant is more electric than most. Copper is in many ways the ultimate nutrient despite also being one of the simplest and most effective of germ-killers. It is indeed food for thought that your whole body contains no more than one tenth of a paper clip’s weight in copper, and yet you need to recycle a little of this metal each day to stay healthy. Here gleams the true power of a catalyst. Join us as Copper explains, in its own words, how it gives the current of vitality to living things in conjunction with other trace elements.

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