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“Novelties come from previously unseen associations of old materials. To create is to recombine.”

François Jacob (biologist and Nobel peace laureate, 1920-2013) 


Together, the Robin (Dr Anthony J. Mills) and the Honey Badger (Dr Antoni V. Milewski) draw on their deep experience in ecological research and entrepreneurship, to explore the surprising ideas and new perspectives that emerge at the interface between scientific fields. They challenge current norms by scratching vigorously beneath the surface of mainstream ideas and gain a bird’s-eye perspective by flying with agile curiosity between established concepts. They invite you to join the conversation, and wonder, “Which animal will you bring to this co-exploration of inter-disciplinary ecology?”

Meet the Authors

Dr Anthony J. Mills (Robin) and Dr Antoni V. Milewski (The Honey Badger)

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Note to readers: ‘Biological Expositions’ is a series of blog-posts each of which is equivalent in content to a book chapter. If a bio-bullet is likened to a starter, our routine blog-post could be seen as a light lunch and a biological exposition as a three course meal. We look forward to your comments on this series.

Dingo: Indochinese jackal as much as Australian wolf




Giant Panda Puzzleboard

The giant panda is an icon of conservation but no longer needs to be an icon of inexplicable colouration in animals.

Heaven on a barbed stick

One drought-beating tree with an aura of affluence can wear its crown of thorns as a halo.

Tibetan wild ass is designed to be conspicuous to predators

Wild equids as hoofed banners