Why would any felid flaunt what’s obvious?

Prof. Mumblebard claims: “The extinct Smilodon, largest of all sabretooth cats, is particularly well-known because of the unusually large number of skeletons excavated. This genus has repeatedly been depicted  fang-baring in a way similar to the leopard but with the mouth even more widely open. Although some artistic reconstructions of Smilodon may be unrealistic in other respects, a snarling expression in confrontation with other species is in line with all the known facts.”

Robin and the Honey Badger respond: “Fang-baring varies greatly in extant Carnivora. For example, some families, such as the bears, show no fang-baring expressions in interspecific conflict. And even within the family Felidae, certain species fang-bare extremely readily, whereas others of similar body size and canine length fang-bare in interspecific conflict extremely reluctantly if at all. In the case of sabretooth cats in the genus

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Featured image: Fossil of a Smilodon populator by JJonahJackalope (CC BY-SA 4.0, Smilodon)