Some feathered reptiles evolved into birds, but others flew in parallel right until all dinosaurs died.

Prof. Mumblebard claims: “Flapping flight has only evolved thrice in the entire history of the vertebrates: in pterosaurs, in bats, and in birds. Because pterosaurs were not dinosaurs, the only dinosaurs that flew were avian or paravian, i.e. birds and their transitional ancestors. Any feathers grown by other dinosaurs – in clades separate from the origin of birds – served thermoregulation and perhaps gliding, but not flapping flight.”

Robin and the Honey Badger respond: “No dinosaur converged with pterosaurs, bats or birds in the abbreviation of the bony tail. However, certain true dinosaurs – including

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Featured image: Life reconstruction of Kariridraco dianae (a genus of pterosaur) by Gabriela M. Cerqueira, Mateus A.C. Santos, Maikon F. Marks, Juliana M. Sayão, and Felipe L. Pinheiro (CC BY 4.0, Kariridraco)